Thursday, March 12, 2009

Aliens as Fallen Demons

I am sometimes amazed (read: stupified) at the creativity and innovation of theologians. From the RNS Blog:
The "very first" Christian symposium on aliens will touch down in, where else? Roswell, N.M. this July.

Guy Malone, author and co-founder of Alien Resistance, is organizing the event, where he will make the case that aliens and UFO's are actually fallen demons.

Malone's Alien Resistance organization is devoted to looking at UFO's and alien abductions in "biblical" ways.


Anonymous said...

it is amazing the extent of rationale. but i like the take that at revelations those who ascend into heaven will leave empty bodies behind for demons to take over. like this watch video

Drew said...

Yeah, Anon, the theology was pretty crazy. The movie, however, crazier.