Saturday, March 14, 2009

Game On!

Yesterday's Martinsville Bulletin's article on Goode filing FEC papers for possible candidacy. Money quote:
“If you’re thinking about it, you should file the papers,” [Goode] said. “ ... But that doesn’t mean I am running.”
“I’m going to look at the situation, explore the possibilities and see how things go,” he said, “but I’m certainly not making any announcement.”
What does mean your running? Gallivanting around the district holding photo-ops with poster-sized checks?


Darren Staley said...

Talk about an early lowering of expectations. Any polling been done as of yet with Tom v. Goode or Tom v. Generic GOP?

Drew said...

Not that I am aware, but I suspect it is too early.

James said...

Around here the possibility of former Congressman Virgil Goode running again will activate the hard core old timers, and I am sure he will get the nod to be the GOP candidate. But what will be lacking this time around is the lack of support he will get from being the sitting Representative to Congress. The local GOP is really looking for someone younger and less stained to be their banner bearer. With Virgil Goode in the mix their hopes and hearts will not really be in the game. Representative Perriello has the advantage more than he may be aware. The other thing is that all polls this early are useless. Next year at this time may be different.

Drew I hope that your new job will not stop you from wearing a Perriello for Congress button and assisting in getting out the vote. You did us proud the last time.

Drew said...

I promise, James. I promise.