Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Double-shift: Tom's a legislatin'

Rep. Perriello is at it again! Perriello introduces a bill to help veterans, like his last bill on reducing suicide rates among soldiers and veterans. From his press release:
Congressman Tom Perriello today announced that he has introduced legislation to increase and make permanent veterans’ benefits for on-the-job and apprenticeship training. He also announced the formation of a Veterans Advisory Board comprised of veterans from across the 5th district who will make legislative recommendations to the congressman.

The legislation (H.R. 1098, also known as the VET-WORK bill), would provide 570,000 unemployed veterans and members of the Guard and Reserve more assistance in securing employment in today’s challenging job market. On-the-job training and apprenticeship programs typically lead to full-time, permanent employment at their conclusion.
Awesome quote by Perriello:
“Similar to how the GI Bill allows veterans to pursue higher education, this bill will allow veterans to pursue vocational training and trade jobs, a key component of my economic revival plan and a crucial option for veterans re-entering the workforce. With the recent news that the jobless rate for veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan wars now stands at 11%, this legislation is needed more urgently than ever,” said Perriello. “Those who fought to serve our country deserve economic opportunity when they return home, whether they want to go to college or learn a trade. I pledge to work with my colleagues from both parties to pass this legislation.”
Notably, Tom is fulfilling his campaign promises here (i.e., his economic revival plan), however, with a positive twist. As I understand it, this bill will provide assistance to those veterans who, in terms of vocation, do not view a college degree as an option or a necessity. Not everyone needs to go to college, and people completing vocational training, obviously, provide positive and valuable contributions to our society. America needs welders, nurses, and mechanics. With that principle in mind, this bill provides a parallel option to the GI Bill. Good stuff.


Darren Staley said...

I like the training aspect of the bill immensely. I like the Veterans Advisory Board even more.

As a non-vet living in a military family, I get upset when politicians of any stripe speak for veterans in the abstract.

This idea ensures that Tom will not be doing any of that. Kudos!

P.S. I may not have said this before, but when I refer to Rep. Perriello as Tom it is not a sign of disprespect. It is just more efficient when blogging.

Drew said...

In two months of service, Tom has written a law to make it easier for people to go to college (signed into law). He wrote a bill to reduce suicide rates amongst veterans and soldiers. He wrote an amendment to create the National Service Reserves Corps (passed).

With all of those great bills to choose from, this is my favorite, because if you know Tom or if you heard him on the campaign trail, you would recognize that this bill reflects his campaign promises, his principles, and his values.

And the Veterans Advisory Board is a good idea, when 13% of the district is veterans and he is on the Veterans Committee (forget its actual name). Also, I don't see you saying Tom as any sign of disrespect. I just want to give Tom the recognition of the office he was elected to, and I have done the same for former Rep. Goode.

Southside Vet said...

Supporting veterans is something that the vast majority of Americans can get behind. These women and men serve us without fanfare, sometimes being injured, maimed or killed to protect our freedoms.

Representative Perriello has been in office just a few months, and has done great things for those who serve and have served.

Thank you Tom for standing up for veterans, for listening to veterans, and for leading the way in assisting veterans. We vets will always be grateful for your hard work and will remember who our friends are in Washington.