Thursday, March 12, 2009

Game On!

Getting back from New York and my inbox is flooded with emails concerning former Rep. Virgil Goode. Goode filed paperwork with the FEC, a move that would allow him to re-run against Rep. Perriello. From TheHill:
Goode filed Wednesday with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) — a move that allows him to raise money for the race — but he told The Hill that he hasn't made a final decision about running again in 2010.

Once a candidate receives $5,000, he or she must file a statement of candidacy with the FEC.

“I’m filing that because a few people have sent me donations,” Goode said.

Goode said he’s not sure when he’ll decide about a rematch and that he’s more concerned with helping the GOP win state assembly races this year.
Note that technically, he hasn't stated whether or not he is actually going to run against Rep. Perriello. He is just legally required to report the donations to the FEC, a requirement that also allows for the possibility of fundraising for a new campaign. The Washington Post offers their take, as does Channel 19 News in Charlottesville.

As a quick aside, this quote freaking kills me, read here for a reminder:
Much of the reason for his loss appeared to be extraordinarily high turnout in the Charlottesville area, which is home to the University of Virginia. The southern Virginia district has long been a conservative stronghold.

Reaction was quick around the progressive Virginia blogosophere to a possible Goode re-run. Fellow friend 220South isn't surprised at the news, yet he feels that there are more worthy Republican candidates on the bench. Roland the HTG posts at Blue Commonwealth and New Dominion Project reminding us to donate to Tom's campaign. Jim White thinks that Goode is a tired, old loser, who needs to be reminded of the Perriello-Goode debates; Tom's victory wasn't luck, Tom was clearly the better candidate. Heartland of Virginia blogger Mark Brooks argues that Goode is "done" and that Goode created a conspiracy in order to frame his defeat, a conspiracy beckoning the possible rematch. Missing Goode, Lowell believes that, this time around, there will be more ammunition to use against Goode. Finally, I Had No Right thinks that Tom's legislation will help him with voters, especially Veteran voters with his new bill, and she, like me, is concerned with the facile explanation of Tom's victory.

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