Monday, March 2, 2009

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

Not intelligent on many, many levels:
A Minnesota man is behind bars after allegedly stealing a car and repeatedly calling 911 to brag to police that they would not catch him.

It was then that the man allegedly began calling 911 from a cell phone, telling dispatchers he would not be caught because he was "smarter than the police."

Two hours later, a man called 911 to report a prowler at his home.

Police arrived and found the suspect hiding in a shed.

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Katie said...

Go Minnesota. Duluth to Winona, represent.

At least we don't freak out when we get four inches of snow, unlike some eastern states I can think of...

In defense of the midwest, however... it's cold here. For a long, long time. There's a reason why lots of serial killers come from this part of the country. There's precious little to do, for months at a time.

It's really no wonder this guy went a little dumb-nuts. And for the record, that kind of weirdness isn't all that rare around here. You folks should be grateful we let you in on our little lives this time. :-P