Thursday, March 19, 2009

Goode campaigning

John Barnhart, the uber-conservative columnist for the Bedford Bulletin, writes his weekly column on the potential Perriello v. Goode rematch. Notably, Goode is campaigning throughout the district against the stimulus package and the upcoming budget battle. Money quote (emphasis mine):
Goode said that he has been going to local Republican committee meetings in the district. He’s also looking at major issues coming before the House of Representatives. The biggest, at present, have involved spending, although Goode notes that it is still early in the session.

“I was concerned, like every other Republican, about the size of the stimulus,” Goode said.

Along with the size of the $787 billion package, Goode questions its value as a stimulus. He said it contains items that have been on some House members ‘wish lists for several years.

President Barack Obama’s budget proposal is also a concern.

“It’s huge, too,” Goode said. “It calls for the biggest deficit we have ever had. It’s pushing up debt.”


Katie said...

Drew. Level with me here.

1) You read the Bedford Bulletin!?!

2) Did they give Tom a weekly column like they did Goode (or was that a different paper...)?

3) You read the Bedford Bulletin?!!?!?!!

Drew said...

I scan several Southside newspapers to keep abreast of their issues. The Bedford Bulletin is one of them. And, to your second question, I don't think they do that...there are several who do, but not this one.

Anonymous said...

(...insert sarcasm here...) Oh, but he is NOT saying that he's going to run again....

CWPNRG? said...

Virgil does not understand how the campaign against him in the primary is going to work. The issues among all the candidates are basically the same. (Virgil is much farther right than any other on some, but the many of the basic principles are the same.) He's not going to coast to a renomination simply by spouting conservative ideas.

A Faithful Reader said...

Vigil Goode has nothing to do. He is lost and rattling around trying to act as if he won last November. There is new blood in the Republican Party and increasing support for Congressman Perriello. His 19th century approach to governing no longer squares with current realities. We are moving toward a depression and third world status, if we do not do something quick.

After all is said and done the Bedford Bulletin probably is not going to sway many votes toward the washed up former congressman.