Saturday, March 14, 2009

Frederick doubling-down

Tim Craig at the Washington Post has an article highlighting the tenacity of RPV Chair Jeff Frederick amidst calls for his resignation. Last week, gubernatorial candidate and Republican presumtive nominee Bob McDonnell called for Frederick to resign. The five Republican Congressmen of Virginia (Wittman, Forbes, Goodlatte, Cantor, and Wolfe) wrote Frederick a letter echoing a similar sentiment:
"For the good of the Republican Party of Virginia, we write today asking that you step aside as chairman," the congressmen wrote. "Clearly it is the sentiment of the grassroots members of the party to move in another direction. . . . No one will benefit from a protracted battle over the leadership of" the Republican Party of Virginia.
If Frederick doesn't resign, he will likely face a vote of no-confidence next month at the Republican state central committee meeting. The Congressmen urged is resignation before the April 4th meeting to minimize the damage to the party. Frederick, however, remains defiant, and he is supported by a small group of loyalists, a group who sent robocalls out this past week calling McDonnell and Frederick-detractors "elitists" who take orders from "tax-raising, anti-gun, pro-abortion officeholders in Richmond." Conservative blogger Shaun Kenney has an excellent post showing some other Frederickian antics and the resulting blow back on the Right.

In an election year, a self-marginalized Republican Chair is doubling-down on his right to power, however flimsy, and is supported by a group trashing the presumptive gubernatorial nominee. And, I thought Democrats were prone to circular firing squads:
Until now, Democrats were fearful that they would be the ones fighting with each other. For the first time in three decades, there is a contested Democratic primary for governor. Now it's McDonnell, with no primary opponent, who is bogged down by an intraparty feud.
Hopefully, we can learn something from this debacle. Republicans will likely have their Frederick-problem solved next month, we still have until June.

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