Wednesday, March 25, 2009

People make money off Madoff

A NY man played the lottery using Bernie Madoff's prison number and won. Apparently, many New Yorkers had the same idea:
Wall Street swindler Bernard Madoff is a lucky charm for one New York City construction worker. Queens resident Ralph Amendolaro said he saw Madoff's prison number in a newspaper and had a good feeling so he played the last three digits of it in the state lottery's Numbers game. It hit March 15, paying $1,500.

Lottery officials say other people had the same idea. The number combination 0-5-4 produced 501 winning tickets the Sunday after Madoff's guilty plea, up from 120 winners the previous day.

Madoff's prison registration number is 61727-054.

At least some people are making money off of Madoff these days.

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Brian P said...

Just shows how fair/unfair (depending how you look at life) things are....