Tuesday, March 3, 2009

GOP: Limbaugh or Bipartisanship IV

Reader Matt provides another good way to look at the Democrat's approach to Limbaugh, Limbaugh as foil:
I would, however, throw in another reason why this is brilliant politics. It isn't that Rush is Rush, it is that Rush is Bush. For his entire campaign, Obama had a foil who the electorate hated. Liberals hated Bush, independents hated Bush, and enough conservatives hated Bush that he was an easy target. The dilemna that Mccain found himself in was supporting Bush while somehow distancing himself. He had to get independents believing that he rejected Bush's policies while getting the die hard right wing to believe that he was one of them. He had to do this while also beating one of the best politicians we have seen in some time. He obviously failed.

Now Bush is out of office and not saying anything. So Obama picks a new polarizing voice, someone who will enrage liberals, turn off moderates, and make the Republican base seem like either reasonable to most people or traitors to the die hards. Just like with Mccain, win the country and lose your base or win your base and lose the country. I'm not saying that the Obama administration thought it out in these terms, but it wouldn't suprise me if they did. They needed a new Bush, and they got a fatter, dumber one.


CWPNRG? said...

I find it hard to believe that you guys think anyone is dumber than Bush. But we'll go with it.

Drew said...

CWPNRG?, I think that last statement was rhetorical flourish, as his larger point was that the Obama administration is elevating Limbaugh to use as a foil.

A Faithful Reader said...

ABC News reports
that comedian Rush Limbaugh has challenged the President of the United States to a debate, winner take all for the ownership of the United States. He even promised to send his private jet to transport the President and his security detail to anywhere to hold the debate. Not only is the Republican Party's comedian and chief, he now has become their Loon-in-Chief. The best thing we can all do is ignore the Loon and let him talk to himself. Change we can believe in means letting go of the thought that Rush Limbaugh has any thing relevant to say.

A Faithful Reader said...

The Washington Post web page has an article that says the Republicans are getting a petition out to urge the Democrats to stop saying that Rush Limbaugh is the leader of the Grand Obstructionist Party, and yield to their losing strategies. The GOP leaders are now losers in every sense of the word.