Saturday, March 7, 2009

Obama like Bush??

Today's Washington Post had an editorial in which the author, Jackson Diehl, argues that Pres. Obama is very similar Pres. Bush. According to Diehl:
  • both initially have/had high approval ratings to start their term,
  • both have/had crises earlier in their presidential career (Bush had 9/11; Obama the economic crisis),
  • in light of these crises, both have/did not, as of yet, asked the public to sacrifice to overcome the hardship,
  • both crises have garnered/garnered international support and camaraderie,
  • both have made/made initial gestures of bipartisanship,
  • and, finally, both have pushed/pushed polarizing partisan legislation through Congress.
Pretty misleading aren't they? These guys (1, 2) aren't buying it either. And, let's not overlook the fact that we are comparing 50 days of work to eight years. That's fair, right?

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