Thursday, March 12, 2009

McAuliffe's Plan for Martinsville and Henry County

Dem Bones' loyalist, A Faithful Reader, passed on this article in the Martinsville Bulletin outlining the prominence of Martinsville and Henry County in gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe's Comprehensive Business Plan. Money quote:
Thousands of jobs would be created as renewable green projects, such as wind, solar, biodiesel and bio-mass technologies, get under way, McAuliffe said Wednesday during a conference call with reporters.

And, with property already zoned for local industrial parks, Martinsville and Henry County could again become a manufacturing hub, producing wind blades, turbines, towers and other equipment needed as the state goes green, he said.

McAuliffe also supports four-laning U.S. 58 “all the way out to the Ohio Valley” to provide an attractive route for traffic generated by vessels coming to the coast from the Panama Canal.

Martinsville has been hit especially hard in the uncertain economy, McAuliffe said, and he pledged to devote “resources and efforts” to the region if elected.
I have to admit, if more than just campaign promises, I am heartened by this ... very heartened. Anything - and green jobs, taboot! - to help get us out of the economic quagmire in this area.

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