Thursday, March 5, 2009

GOP: Limbaugh or Bipartisanship V

Evolving from their erratic message, the Republican Party has decided on a messaging strategy concerning Limbaugh. Put simply, Republicans will blame the situation on the White House, call it a distraction, and pivot back to the economy. In a Politico interview of John Boehner:
But try as he might, Boehner can't avoid the chatter on cable news and the Internet about Rush Limbaugh and his public feuds with the White House and a handful of Beltway Republicans.

"It's a huge distraction created by the White House" to avoid talking about components of the budget, Boehner complained. "You would think the White House would have more important things to do."
Shortly afterwards, Pat Buchanan and Ari Fleisher mouthed the message.

And RNC Chair Michael Steele:
Republican Party Chairman Michael Steele now says the sparring between himself and conservative radio commentator Limbaugh was a "sideshow distraction."
At least he's on message.

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