Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Adventures in Republican Typos (updated)

The Republican State Leadership Committee (RSLC) has an on-line pledge for people to vote Republican in this year's upcoming election. They, however, misspelled one word, unfortunately playing into memes of the party's racial insensitivity, fair or unfair. The offending quote, unbolded:
If the Democrats win control of the Virginia General Assembly it will be absolutely disastrous for you and other taxpayers!

With the State Senate already under their control a Democratic win would mean that tax-and-spend legislators would be able to ram through a costly, high tax, big government, left-wing agenda that would racially [sic] change Virginia's future.
I'm pretty sure they meant "radically change," but that's unfortunate.

Update: The RSLC has updated their typo, sometime this morning (6/10/09).


A Faithful Reader said...

As of 5:30 pm local om E-day June 9 this pledge was still posted with the "mistake" still present. I sincerely hope that it is a mistake. Perhaps some of our Republican friends who read this blog daily can assist their party in correcting or clarifying the word.

Anonymous said...

I note that the whole reason for the pledge is too count the loyal, because, "The sooner we can confirm that you will stand 100% behind our Virginia Republican candidates in November, the more effort we can put into reaching the "swing" voters who will decide the outcome of this election."

Does it seem to you to be saying that the amount of loyal Republicans in Virginia are not enough to win an election?