Monday, June 22, 2009

Seward Anderson and Virginia Veterans

Last week, Seward Anderson, Democratic nominee for the 14th district House of Delegates seat, held a press conference to announce several proposals to help Virginia veterans. His proposals:
If elected, Anderson said he’d work to provide tax relief for veterans, prevent foreclosures on any active service member’s home, ensure returning veterans have quick and easy access to their benefits and deregulate veteran’s organizations, which would allow them to use revenue for improvements on their posts and other necessities.
Saith Anderson:
“I believe it’s our solemn duty to repay them for what they’ve given to this nation,” Anderson said.
“We should do everything we can to thank our vets and meet their needs,” he said.
You can watch video of the press conference here. Importantly, Anderson served six years in the Virginia National Guard, his father served in WWII, and his son is currently in the Air Force. Del. Danny Marshall responded to Anderson's proposals by highlighting his pro-veteran credentials.

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