Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sabato on Possible Perriello-Goode Rematch

UVA Professor Larry Sabato weighs in on the possibility of a Perriello-Goode rematch next year. Money quote:
"And rematches are fun. They attract a lot of attention nationally. They attract a lot of money nationally, because naturally both sides assume they have a reasonable chance of winnings. They both have someone who served in congress," said Sabato.
This all assumes that Goode will run and get the nomination, to which Sabato opines:
Larry Sabato says if Goode wants to run, he would assume Republicans would give him the nomination.
If Virgil Goode decides not to run, Sabato says Republicans have the challenge of finding a candidate who is strong enough to defeat an incumbent.
"So the Republicans are divided. You know some of them want Virgil to run. Some of them want a new nominee, but of course, if they go with a new nominee, they have to actually find somebody who has the money and the name ID to win an election," said Sabato.
On the other hand, according to Sabato, Perriello has been campaigning for re-election since day one. I'm not entirely sure about that, but I will concede he is working a double-shift.


Anonymous said...

In my opinion, Tom Perriello has not been campaigning since day one. He has followed through with the promise to bring life back into the 5th District. He is keeping his promise about working a double shift.

Negative people will view this as campaigning, but positive people like me view it as just another day for Tom Perriello. I saw how he worked before the election, and thought if he works like this after, he's got it made.

He's got this Republican's vote!

Keep up the good work Tom and all behind the scenes!

BlueSpirit said...

Tom is a good representative and will win a rematch hands down, unless Former Representative Goode changes his antique views to more progressive views.