Monday, June 15, 2009

Perriello, Possible Challengers, and Television Appearances (updated)

This past weekend, while I was away, the Daily Progress had an article on potential challengers for Rep. Perriello. On the list, people we have talked about here (1, 2, 3, 4): Virgil Goode, Del. Rob Bell, State Sen. Robert Hurt, Cordel Faulk, and Bradley Rees, the only candidate actually in the race at this time. I am struck by the amount of deference Bell and Hurt are paying to Goode, who is still deciding on a run (1, 2). While I have heard of at least one other rumored candidate, this article provides the most comprehensive list of possible Perriello challengers to date.

On a somewhat related note, Perriello was on MSNBC today, and one of the anchors called Tom the "Republicans worst nightmare." He is also a "rising star" in the party, and he "speaks truth to power." Here's the clip:

Waldo, Lowell, and Jim White offer their thoughts.

Update: According to Swing State Project, the NRCC considers Perriello, along with fellow Virginia freshman Glenn Nye, one of their top-tier pick-up opportunities. While I have no illusions that Tom will skate to a re-election, I think there is an element of wishful thinking involved here.


Anonymous said...

Imagine that MSNBC praising a Democrat. Perriello is going to be a one term man, the same way BHO helped him to a slim victory his close ties are going to be his downfall. I don't blame you Democrats for trying to build Perriello up to project that he might really have a chance but in the end it will be a hopeless cause.

Anonymous said...

Last year the democrats had all the answers now you sure don't have much to say. Lets hear some more of the Democrats BS about how they were going to fix everything,how the stimulus package was going to fix everything. GWB is gone when is BHO going to take the blame for his screw ups? You have gotten away with blaming GWB so far but you and i both know that time is running out fast. The America people voted for a CHANGE not empty promises and mounting debt,very soon BHO will have to take responsibility for the auto bailout, AIG and a stimulus package that did nothing, also what happened to the lie about a transparent open goverment. I say all of BHO'S talk about HOPE and CHANGE was alot of bs to get elected.