Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Quick Perriello Points

Rep. Perriello has decided to open a fourth district office in Martinsville today, the first congressional office located in the city during "modern times." Current Vice-Mayor Kimble Reynolds will be his Martinsville/Southside area representative. Given the large economic problems in the Martinsville community this a good choice, and Reynolds' knowledge of the community is a huge asset. Jim White likes the moves also.

Perriello will be the featured guest speaker this year during the Independence Day celebration at Monticello, naturally on July 4th. Pres. Bush was given that honor last year.

The National Catholic Reporter has a great article on Tom highlighting his previous Catholic activism. (h/t @robertpjones)

Republican Candidate and possible challenger to Perriello, Bradley Rees, has a new campaign website and he now offers a Friends of Rees twitter account. Make sure you bookmark the site and follow him, respectively.


Anonymous said...

So do you think Perriello might be opening it to help his political future ? Please don't think this was negative it was just a question.

Anonymous said...

Maybe thats how Perriello is going to create jobs by opening more offices hahaha

Drew said...

Anonymous 1 - No, I do not think that Tom is opening this office up for political reasons. I think, and I do not speak for Tom, these are just my thoughts, that given the economic distress, the high unemployment, of the area, an office located in Martinsville makes complete sense.

You are making this seem like a cynical ploy. It's not.

Anonymous said...

Well Drew, I finally got your attention. Now that i know i have it lets talk. How did the Martinsville area loose so many jobs ? Maybe NAFTA, that couldn't be the answer could it? cause Bill Clinton passed that bill and we all know that Democrats would never pass a bill that would send jobs over seas would they ? Bill Clinton also forced the banks to give home loans to people that could not afford them, Remember that little deal about putting every family in a new home. Futher distressing the area. Maybe Perriello is hoping Obama will pass another stimulus package since the last one worked so great. Until we get jobs back in Va that people can retire from BHO can pass all the stimulus packages he wants to it will never fix the problem. You Democrats do not seem to understand that. The stimulus package was suppose to get the economy going by creating jobs,BHO said if he could get the stimulus package approved it would keep unemployment below 8% it passed and now its over 9% what happened? Joe Biden said that nobody knew it wasn't going to work thats bs i said before it ever passed the only thing it would stimulate was the USA'S debt.I hope you are right maybe Perriello can get some jobs in the Martinsville area i just don't see it happening. I think he did it for political reasons.Do you realize how many jobs we have lost in VA since Perriello took office? Im looking foward to your answers.

Brandon W. said...

Anonymous, if you want to keep anybody's attention, a little honesty up front would help.

You have repeatedly claimed that you want to talk, but your posts demonstrate the exact opposite. Dialogue requires give-and-take, which is only possible if both parties assume the other is operating in good faith. Your questions have nothing to do with stimulating conversation--they're just "gotchas".

Couple points here: first, as a Republican, I remember how much it annoyed me when my left-leaning friends and classmates would express their disdain for Bush at the drop of a hat. Yet you're doing the same thing with Obama. "BHO?" Please--emphasizing Obama's middle name is a pet tactic of the fringe types who continue to question whether the president is "really American" or "secretly Muslim". Adopt their language, and you've already undermined your credibility. You've also sent people the message that you're more "anti-Obama" than "pro-market" or "anti-bailout." If you want anyone to respect you, try extending some respect to those you disagree with. Otherwise, there is ZERO incentive for anyone here to interact with you.

Compounding this is the fact that you don't seem to care about observing blog etiquette in general. You visit Drew's blog, ignore the topics of the posts, and post numerous unrelated (and pissed-off) comments. When no one responds, you act affronted and demand attention.

Let's get something straight: this is Drew's house. The fact that he is throwing an open house party--where anyone is welcome--does not entitle you to stand on the coffee table, shout over the conversations of the other guests, and then--when no one responds--start peeing on the sofa cushions.

Having an internet connection and a working keyboard does not give you the right to shower this blog--someone else's property--with rude and asinine comments.

If you are interested in debating issues--political or otherwise--you'll find many commenters here to trade intellectual volleys with...provided you treat them as fellow human beings.

If, however, you're just here to bitch, I think you'll find you're not welcome at Dem Bones. If that's the case, consider this your first invitation to hit the road.

Happy trails.

Anonymous said...

Brandon W why are you so angry? I have only asked a few questions that the Democrats will not answer. When i say GWB you don't have a problem with that so why should Obama's middle name be off limits? So i must have been wrong it thought this was a place for types of views not just the far left. Oh btw are you REALLY a republican ?

A Faithful Reader said...

United States Representatives open offices in their districts. There is federal money allocated for them to support such ventures. It is the way our government has functioned for many years. Our former Representative, Virgil Goode, had offices throughout the district. It is not surprising that Representative Perriello is opening more offices in order to meet the demand for his attention. Such is the result of his working of us.

Anonymous, you are whistling in the wind over this. There is no deep dark plot or anything unusual about a United States Representative opening local offices. When the campaign starts in earnest, later this year, Representative Perriello will open campaign headquarters and branch offices -- like the one Drew worked out of in Smith Mountain Lake. Then will be the time to whistle and crow over offices.