Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Southside Newspapers Report Primary Results (updated)

Here are some quick links to Southside newspapers, at least the ones I follow:

The Martinsville Bulletin wrote two articles on yesterday's results - an article on Deeds' overall win and an article on Deeds and Signer's local victories - while the Franklin News-Post collapsed Deeds' victories, statewide and local, into one article. The Danville Register & Bee focused on Deeds' local numbers. The Appommattox News reports on Deeds and Wagner's overall victories, and tangentially speaking, it is surprising, in a good way, to see this:
Appomattox News endorsed Deeds on 1 June, and we stand behind him in the race for governor. We hope that Deeds continues to stand for rural Virginia, for the environment and for Virginia’s children and their safety.

Update: The News and Record out of South Boston on Deeds' victories.

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