Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Webb and Warner Help Save D-Day Memorial

Sens. Webb and Warner introduced legislation into the Senate to save the D-Day Memorial in Bedford, a move to bring legislation before both Houses as Rep. Perriello introduced legislation last week. The D-Day Memorial is at risk of closure, due to decreased donations, and these Congressmen are moving to turn the memorial into an national park. Saith Warner:
In a statement released Monday, Warner said Bedford’s story of sacrifice on D-Day “is representative of many small towns across the nation.”

“Park Service stewardship of the Memorial will ensure that this sacrifice continues to occupy a permanent and prominent place in the story of America,” he said.


Katie said...

The D-Day memorial in Bedford is without a doubt a special thing. The fact that it is in Bedford, and not DC or the surrounding memorial-heavy area, speaks to the continuing sense of community pride and respect for history that Bedford possesses.

I for one hope that whatever is necessary is done so that it can remain in place and receive the funding it requires to continue serving the community and honoring our veterans.

Also, the great big arch that says "OVERLORD"? Pretty cool if you ask me.

Drew said...

Didn't know this until I visited the D-Day Memorial, but D-Day was called Operation Overlord.

Katie said...

Same here. Once I got that straightened out (with the help of a handy pamphlet, natch), it made much more sense as far as the design choices of the memorial were concerned. At first, though, I was just kind of... awestruck, I suppose.

When you were there, did you notice the phenomenal view of the mountains & town from the memorial site?

Drew said...

yes, it is an absolutely stunning place...and one of those place where religious and non-religious people alike can feel something transcendent. being there for memorial day and veterans day is quite an experience.

Anonymous said...

Vines growing up the wall is not stunning to me. I have a few friends that have offered to help the D-Day memorial and have never gotten a phone call. This place could be a great landmark with just the right leaders in place and unless they have some big loans to repay there is no way it could take 2 million dollars a year to operate.