Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Quote of the Day (updated)

Responding to how his vote on the American Clean Energy and Security Act will illicit NRCC attacks, Rep. Perriello said:
“If I have to choose between national security and reelection, for me that’s easy. It’s national security,” he told POLITICO. “I can deal with losing reelection. I can’t deal with being a coward.”
Amen. Thank you, Tom!

(h/t Lowell)

Update: Here is an article on the NRCC planned television attack ads.


matt said...

excuse me, but what in the world does this bill have to do with national security? have you read it? i bet tom hasn't. i tried - it's nearly incomprehensible and would take an extremely intelligent person a week's worth of study and research to understand it. i promise you, none of the people who voted for this truly read it and understood it.

mark my words, if this passes in the senate, it will go down as the most devastating legislation in american history. the cost to execute all those mandates, all those taxes (excuse me, "trades"), will be passed down to me, you, and our children, because guess what? businesses don't pay taxes - consumers do! it's really quite simple, any interference by the govt that makes it more expensive to run a business will be passed down to the customer or will lead to a reduction in staff and facilities. you don't need a phd in economics to understand that.

all in the name of reducing something that you and i exhale, and that plenty of scientists think doesn't have a darn thing to do with global warming, cooling, or whatever made up problem you want to talk about.

A Faithful Reader said...

Sounds a lot like what Theodore Roosevelt said, "If I must choose between righteousness and peace, I choose righteousness." The answer is not always either/or, sometimes it is both/and. Good citizens, like good family members, sacrifice to the good of the whole. Selfishness is not an American virtue -- no matter how popular it is with some among us.