Sunday, June 7, 2009

Bradley Rees Lauds Rep. Perriello

Bradley Rees, keeping to his promise to praise Rep. Perriello when they are in agreement, thanks Perriello for his hard work to keep the D-Day Memorial open (HR 2689). Money quote:
Our brave men and women who voluntarily take up arms in defense of our great nation deserve our utmost gratitude, respect, and, most importantly, physical and mental health care. I applaud Congressman Perriello’s take-charge approach to these issues.
I appreciate that.


John said...

I don't understand that inclusion of the word "voluntarily." Are people who are drafted not worthy of our utmost gratitude respect and thanks? Do they not deserve health care? Why would he put that word in italics?

Drew said...

I think, given his age and ours, that he was writing about current recruitment practices, a la volunteerism.

and the italics emphasize that these men and women choose to put themselves in harms way. or at least that's how i read it.

John said...

One other thing: making the D-Day Memorial a National Park (which I agree is the right thing to do) is against the free-market. The free-market is saying that a D-Day Memorial is not needed in Bedford. The free-market is arguing against help for a "failing" business. I find it ironic that some of the teabaggers (and when you say you're going to "teabag the white house" you are therefore a teabagger, [which is also more grammatically correct than 'Democrat Party']) complaining that Tom is a "socialist" all of a sudden support this move.

matt said...

John - to quote Sergeant Hulka in "Stripes" - "Son, there ain't no draft no more."