Thursday, June 4, 2009

Perriello Quick Hits

Congressman Perriello introduced legislation yesterday to save the D-Day Memorial in Bedford, making it a national park, legislation supported by Sens. Webb and Warner and Rep. Goodlatte. You can view his floor speech on the subject here. Roanoke Times' take here, Bedford Bulletin's take here, Lynchburg News & Advance's take here. Saith Perriello:
“The National D-Day Memorial is a reminder of the bravery and heroism of our American armed forces, and we must not let it fail,” said Perriello. “The men we lost were local heroes, but the freedom and security bought with their sacrifice is a national treasure. So, too, is our D-Day Memorial.”

Perriello is traveling the district encouraging first-time homeowners to take advantage of a $8k tax break.

Perriello's VET-WORK bill, a bill that would increase on-the-job training benefits to veterans, has gained the support of several prominent Veterans groups, and has moved through subcommittee, ready to come to the Veteran's Affairs Committee for a full vote.

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