Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Podcast: Interview with Robert Wright

Our interview with author Robert Wright is up over at Homebrewed Christianity (the audio player is at the bottom of the post). Tripp and Chad have a little fun in the introduction, and then our good times roll with Bob. I hope that you enjoy the interview.

It seems that I have picked up a Southern draw from my time here in Southside - very long, drawn out vowel sounds.


Katie said...

Great interview, Drew. Really thought-provoking stuff.

Also, yes. You totally have a slow southern drawl. Own it. :-)

Matt F. said...

Bob Wright seems like a very cool guy, and you two had a great discussion with him. You know it was a great discussion because I stayed up an extra hour to listen to it. By the way, you sound the way you have always sounded. You have no southern drawl that wasn't there before. Or I have lived in southern Georgia for six years and you just sound the same in comparison. Either way, fun and interesting interview.

Pat Carr said...

Great interview, Drew. I can't wait to read the book.