Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Constitution Party Woos Christians/Values Voters

The Constitution Party is seeking to attract both Christian and values voters to their party, obviously making a play at the Republican base:
The fastest-growing third party in America, ( the Constitution Party (, will discuss a nationwide effort to encourage Christians to vote "like their faith depended on it." The CP will host a number of notable values-oriented speakers at its Spring National Committee meeting .... The party will gather to discuss its unprecedented growth which coincides with widespread voter dissatisfaction with the Republican and Democratic parties. The Constitution Party, the only political party in America which is 100% pro-life is challenging all Believers to put an end to the "lesser of two evils" approach to voting.

"Christians must vote their values and leave the results to God," noted Constitution Party National Committee Chairman Jim Clymer adding, "Our country was founded on Biblical principles, that's why it was so blessed. Without returning to God's law, we cannot expect America to change for the better." (emphasis mine)

Just what we need, another "party" offering their version of the revelation of God in order to win political elections.

Tangentially speaking, Virgil Goode will be one of those "notable values-oriented speakers" at the spring meeting:

Former U.S. Congressman Virgil Goode (R, VA), a one-time Democrat, whose stands against abortion, illegal immigration and gun control won him high praise from conservatives. Goode has been a vocal supporter of the Constitution Party.
A vocal supporter of the Constitution Party who is strongly (read: unanimously) rumored to want to re-challenge, under the Republican banner, current Congressman Perriello.


A Faithful Reader said...

Religious Freedom as manifest in our constitution's stand on Separation of Church and State remains more and more threatened. Any time a party claims the exclusive ear of God and reports to be the voice of God, oppression is not far away.

I can't but wonder why a God that is all powerful, all knowing, all seeing and all loving needs with a political party? It seems to me God is best found by humankind in a free and open society where God is sought rather than mandated. God seems grander, more powerful and a lot more desirable when God does not need a political party to speak for God but rather speaks for Godself.

A group defining themselves as God's party. Truly Unbelievable!!!

As an aside, does it seem like former Congressperson Goode is trying to get a complete set of political party buttons with his name on them? ConLibRepInDems rise up, your candidate awaits!

Anonymous said...

Is that Conservative/Liberal/Republican/Independent/Democrat?

A Faithful Reader said...

Oh sorry, that would be Constitution Party - Libertarian Party -- Republican Party -- Independent -- Democratic Party.