Monday, June 15, 2009

Robert Wright and Andrew Sullivan

This is the final opportunity for you to listen to Robert Wright before Tripp and I interview him on Wednesday. Do you have an aching question to ask him, to win a copy of his new book, The Evolution of God?

Here Andrew Sullivan interviews Robert Wright about his new book - a short, five minute clip.


Matt F. said...

Alright, I have one question that occurred to me while watching that clip that seems relevant to both what Mr. Wright was saying as well as a common discussion on this blog. Does Mr. Wright believe that the close relationship between the religious right and the Republican party in America has had an effect of furthering the zero sum attitude among those in the religious right? Given that extreme partisanship has characterized much of our recent political discourse to the point that winning elections seems more important than advancing the common good, one might suspect that entangling a religious movement to close to a political party would make that religious movement see the world through an us versus them zero sum mentality, ultimately making them less open to new ideas and less likely to attempt to dialouge with those they disagree with. Just thought of this, so I know it is a little rough, but I thought it might be interesting to hear Mr. Wright's comments on the American politics of religion.

Steven Burleson said...

Does Mr. Wright see the Post-Modern culture beginning to influence religion in a way that will help others to become more tolerant and accepting of others' views and ideas? If so, will this throw a wrench in the claims of the "New Atheists?"

Anonymous said...

greetings Mr Wright, the Truth will set you free, and this can be revealed only to those whom ask Jesus into their lives and mean it..once this revelation has arrived, He will place in you a new and undefiled spiritual heart and your eyes will be opened,.. I will pray this happens to you..
His blessings to you robert.
robert donaldson, new zealand