Sunday, June 7, 2009

State-wide Candidates Court Southside Voters Before Primary Day (updated)

While the Washington Post argues that state-wide candidates (especially the gubernatorial candidates) are focusing on vote-rich Northern Virginia, the reality is somewhat more nuanced. State-wide candidates are making plays at potential voters NOVA, through traditional direct voter strategies like advertisements, direct mailings, robocalls, and get out the vote. And, with NOVA comprising between 30-40% of the Democratic electorate, no one can fault this strategy.

Several state-wide candidates, however, have spent valuable time and energy courting Southside voters only hours before polls open Tuesday. Yesterday, Lt. Gov. candidate Mike Signer visited Red Birch Energy, outside of Martinsville, and talked green energy jobs. Today, gubernatorial candidate Brian Moran visited Martinsville, and tomorrow Creigh Deeds will hold a rally in Uptown Martinsville. Each of these stops was/will be part of a greater Southside swing.

In the golden moments before E-Day, these candidates are showing us that, while NOVA votes are important, our votes matter also.

Update: Here are the Martinsville Bulletin's article on Moran's visit, and a Washington Post article on Deeds' Southside swing.


Hokie Guru said...

Every vote in Virginia matters... and I am glad they are courting the southside vote. They should court the southside vote whether this is a tight race or not. Economies of scale reason that they would pour money and resources into NOVA, but everyone should be heard.

Plus, the election is so tight, that candidates must get votes anywhere they can. For example, this Democratic primary for President was co close this year, that Barrack and Hillary both visted my home state of North Dakota!!! They came for the Democratic convention (and Obama won the caucuses... my mom met Hillary). The same goes for Virginia... I received calls from all campaigns and one blogger this weekend.

I am glad the race is tight because there are challenging problems all over the state that need to be addressed... transportation in NOVA, the economy in Southside Virginia, etc. We all have our own unique challenges and we must band together to fix them... and most importantly, for the Democrat to win :-)

Roland the HTG said...

I just got an email from Mo Elleithee and the McAuliffe camp attacking Deeds on guns. I wonder if they realize that attack will drive every undecided voter outside of NoVA into Deeds's arms. If McAuliffe emerges as the nominee, and McDonnell can throw those emails back in his face, game over. I'm almost wishing I could cancel my absentee ballot and switch to Creigh...

A Faithful Reader said...

A Washington Post article by Michael Laris points out that some in NoVa are saying that the Democrats are not resonating in up there as much as they should. If this is because candidates are spending time elsewhere then perhaps it will be for the better. I for one am glad that all the candidates are trying to run all-state campaigns to one degree or another. I agree with Roland the HTG that the Southside will not support anyone who comes across as anti-gun ownership. If this is a key plank for Terry McAuliffe he will be in trouble here and has little chance getting votes here.