Monday, June 22, 2009

Obama Fears the Culture Wars?

ReligionDispatches has a provocative article alleging that the Obama administration is adverse to tackling the divisive issues of the culture wars because of the potential political fallout; Obama, the logic goes, could lose support among the cherished Independents, and he wants to use his political capital on other legislative priorities. According to the author, Daniel Shultz:
It seems fairly clear to me at least that Obama's Faith-Based Advisory Board, among his other religion-minded partners, has been tasked with neutralizing the president's right wing in order to protect his political capital when it comes to legacy issues like health care.
Shultz concludes:
Now is not the time to hedge bets. The Obama administration ought to be pressing its advantages and racking up some victories, not hemming and hawing and worrying about who it might lose when the inevitable fight comes.
I can't articulate how I feel about this, if true - a swirl and confliction of emotion. Thoughts?

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