Thursday, April 2, 2009

Current Southside unemployment rates

Unemployment numbers came out for Virginia for February, and Martinsville unfortunately led Virginia with a 20.2% unemployment rate - Williamsburg held that title in January. As 220 South points out, Martinsville's rate is now higher than when Tultex closed shop. Danville was the only "metropolitan community" in Virginia to have a decrease in their unemployment numbers, from 16.8% down to 13.6%.

Other Southside unemployment numbers: Patrick County (13.3%), Franklin County (9.4%), Henry County (14.6%), Pittslyvania County (11.4%, down from 12.1%), and Halifax County (12.2%).

Last month's numbers are here.


CWPNRG? said...


Drew, sorry to threadjack, but there's no way to comment anonymously at Virginia Democrat, and since I wanted to respond to you...

I am not Bradley Rees; further, as a party insider of sorts (meaning I understand how the system works and am currently working it), Mr. Rees has no chance of winning the Republican nomination for Congress in 2010. I'm not sure what the ballot rules are like for getting on the ballot as an Independent, but I don't expect to see him there either.

For those of you who are confused, check out this post:

Drew said...

Don't sweat it CWP. Thanks for the comment.

Aznew's post gives me the liberty to do a civil introductory piece on Rees myself. Will try to post it tomorrow, and I promise to be informative and not mean-spirited (a la Aznew). Just want to let people know of a potential congressional candidate in their midst ... and his websites.

aznew said...

And just to hijack this thread a bit more, sorry about the inability to post an anonymous comment. I'm new to this blogging stuff, at least to the technical aspects.

Anyway, don't want to get into it substantively here, but you can comment anonymously now.

We will now return you to your regularly scheduled Dem Bones post.