Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Perriello Explains His Budget Vote

Rep. Perriello's weekly newsletter explains his vote on the budget resolution, a vote in which he split with the Democratic Party. Saith Perriello:
Last week, I voted against the $3.5 trillion budget resolution. As with every vote, I approached this decision independently by asking whether it's the best we can do for our district and our country, and I concluded that this budget failed that test. It took a substantial step towards fiscal sanity by cutting the deficit by more than half in five years, but I believe we must balance our books. While the liabilities left over from President Bush account for most of this year’s record deficit of $1.3 trillion, nothing exempts us from taking responsibility for balancing the budgets of future years. (emphasis mine)
Concluding money quote:
In these first three months, I have voted against the bailout, for the economic recovery act, and against the budget. I supported the recovery act – which was also backed by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce – because it was responsible policy under extraordinary circumstances, and the benefits came to Main Street and the middle class. But part of the price of doing something unusual in tight times is to then balance those costs during better times. We must do something to jumpstart this economy, but we cannot afford to try everything. The bailout was just bad policy, and the budget just did not do enough on deficit reduction.

Many factors have caused the current economic crisis, but soaring debt is near the top of that list. We certainly have seen this from the federal government in recent years. If President Bush and the Congress of those years had simply stuck with the Clinton budgets, America would have paid off all publicly-held debt by now. Instead, they turned record surpluses into record deficits. But part of why this current recession is so scary is that we see similar levels of debt spending by households carrying mortgage and credit card debt and by the private sector through over-leveraging. Everyone has been spending, lending and borrowing money they simply do not have. It is time for that to end in all sectors, and I will continue to support the reforms that reward responsibility, and oppose the budgets that dig us deeper into debt.
This vote mattered to the Obama administration, I'm told, as administration officials tried several times, unsuccessfully, to whip Perriello to vote for the bill.


Brandon W. said...

Wow--I'm impressed. Crisis tends to demand the full attention of those it affects, which makes it hard to see the big picture.

Good to know that Virginians elected a guy who isn't just concerned with fixing the current economic mess, but who also wants to head off the next recession before it occurs.

Btw, this quotation is all the more interesting in light of Drew's closing sentence about the WH's attempts to woo Tom; "I will continue to support the reforms that reward responsibility, and oppose the budgets that dig us deeper into debt."

I could be wrong, but it sounds like Perriello just drew a line in the sand...

...this is going to be very interesting.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for keeping us informed, Drew!

I read the entire article and am happy that the 5th District has a man that will look out for them instead of looking out for himself.

Congressman Perriello has always told us he will do his best for the 5th and is not afraid to go against anyone. His promises are solid.


matt said...

you're right Drew, i think i might like this guy - at least as far as economics are concerned. don't know anything else about him, i'm guessing we part ways on some social issues.