Saturday, April 18, 2009

Virgil Goode at the Lynchburg Tea Party

Think Progress has a short YouTube report of Tea Parties in Lynchburg and Charlottesville, as well as scenes of congressional Republicans speaking at these events around the country. In the clip, Virgil Goode and Bob Goodlatte offer some thoughts.

At the 2:55 mark, speaking at the Lynchburg event, Virgil Goode rants on illegal immigration:
The next thing Obama and his followers in the House and the Senate want to do is tell the illegals, "Come on in. We're gonna give you another amnesty." 12 million people that he wants to give amnesty to.

Do not crucify the United States of America on the cross of political correctness.
It's probably best, in my opinion, especially in light of our recent Easter celebrations, to stay away from both the United States of America equals Jesus and the political correctness equals sinfulness analogies.


LF said...

I believe the line about the crucifixion is a reference to William Jennings Bryan's 1896 Convention Speech.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's some great reporting....and great video clipping.

I actually organized the Tea Party in Lynchburg and I am a student and have NO affiliation with any of the groups you claim organized the parties. The event was grassroots organized and had people attending from all parties. We apologize for not having more people from the end of the political spectrum that you must be from, but we invited them and they all conveniently could not attend. Their financial and political gain from mortgaging away our future was too great a risk to warrant coming to an event such as the Tea Parties.

You can't wish the event into being a big ole Secret GOP event no matter how you try to paint the picture. It was grassroots and was everything you hope it wasn't: it was real people wanting REAL change and REAL freedom, not the smoke and mirrors at the Obama kool-aid party. About the only thing the Tea Party was that you want it to be is a bunch of people who are sick of people like you who put an agenda ahead of reality and rational thought.