Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Perriello Quick Hits

Yesterday Rep. Perriello was in Danville for a round table discussion with local leaders to discuss energy efficiency and weatherization of the area, as part of Perriello's "New Energy for the 5th Tour." Money quote:
“I think there really is the potential for Southern Virginia as a region to put ourselves at the forefront of a new energy economy,” he said. “This is the opportunity for us to improve the housing stock of the city, save money on utility bills and train people to move into a new industry.”

The Virginia
Department of Transportation released its recommendations on how federal stimulus money could be used locally, and the Fifth District could receive $20 million for local roads and bridges. Perriello is "fighting for these projects to move forward." Saith Perriello:
“These investments in infrastructure would be a tremendous boost to the 5th District in both the short and long term. We are working closely with Governor Kaine and his staff to see these projects through,” said Perriello. “This is why I supported the stimulus – to make smart investments in our communities while providing a quick shot in the arm to the economy. I’m pleased to see the Kaine administration working quickly to assign the recovery act funds, and I will work hard to turn this list into shovels in the ground.”
You can view the recommended projects here. Notably, these projects were selected from citizen's suggestions submitted through Gov. Kaine's stimulus.virginia.gov website.

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