Sunday, April 5, 2009

Virgil Goode on the Issues

Virgil Goode is going to address the Constitution Party's National Convention in June, where he is a rumored presidential nominee (don't bet on it). In order to introduce Goode, I guess, several sites are offering his current stances on the issues (here and here). Immigration, naturally if you knew his platform last year, tops his list, and he still scapegoats "anchor babies." He also talks taxes, trade, education, international relations, and that biggie, the North American Union. Read them. It's good times.

What suprises me is that his stances have remained the same. Like, last year's loss had nothing to do with his out-of-touch positions.


CWPNRG? said...

The first time I met Virgil Goode, I had to restrain myself from hysterical laughter at this accent. Especially when he's railing against "them anchor babies" and "boys marrying other boys" and such. If it weren't so out of touch with 20% unemployment, it'd be a great stereotype for SNL or something.

Brandon W. said...

Anybody else catch the part about the "North American Union"? Goode apparently agrees with the Ron Paul zombies that shadowy elites in Washington are conspiring to merge the US, Canada and Mexico into a unitary building a giant commercial highway.

For everyone who's ever wondered why third parties never seem to have a chance in American politics, "Exhibit A" would have to be Goode and the Constitution Party.

We're looking at an economic crisis of global proportions...rather than address that, these guys have decided to punt--by spreading conspiracy theories.

For any political movement that wants to become a national party, the first hurdle to get over deals with basic competency. Voters want to know that the would-be party has a firm grasp on reality.

No wonder the public keeps giving the Constitution "Party" (and its friends) an "F" on the competency test.