Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Virgil Goode's Fundraising Quarter - Or Lack Thereof

Fundraising numbers for the first quarter are due tonight at midnight to the FEC. Virgil Goode, however, has already submitted his filing. Notably, the race between Tom Perriello and Virgil Goode was adjudicated last December, so all fundraising this quarter was post-election, post-recount.

Drum roll, please.

Goode raised a whopping $3645.00 last quarter, and has a little south of $160,000 cash on hand. Last month Goode filed FEC papers to report donations he recieved, a move that has allowed for the possibility of a rematch. From the Hill:
Goode filed Wednesday with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) — a move that allows him to raise money for the race — but he told The Hill that he hasn't made a final decision about running again in 2010.

Once a candidate receives $5,000, he or she must file a statement of candidacy with the FEC.

“I’m filing that because a few people have sent me donations,” Goode said.

Goode said he’s not sure when he’ll decide about a rematch and that he’s more concerned with helping the GOP win state assembly races this year.
What is interesting, is that Goode's receipts do not even meet the $5000 threshold for the required paperwork. He did not have to file the papers, yet. Was his premature filing a signal to the Republican field?

Also, important, Goode said a "few people" have sent him donations. Goode is literally correct: a few. Only two donors met the FEC required reporting threshold of $200, one from Charlottesville ($1000) and the other from South Carolina ($2400). That leaves $245 from an unknown number of sub-$200 donors. Quite the ground-swelling of support.

While Goode still has a decent chunk of change on hand, this last quarter was absolutely terrifying.


CWPNRG? said...

Terrifying? For whom... thanks for the post, that's nice and helpful to see - if we were fundraising (which we aren't due to some legal niceties), we could pull that together in a couple hours.

I'll definitely be interested to see Perriello's later numbers - if I'm right, there will be a big difference between him running vs. Goode and him running vs. someone else who isn't as odious to the netroots.

Drew said...

The terrifying part was sarcasm, of course.

Katie said...

A $2400 donation from South Carolina, huh? I thought Virgil was all about getting donations from within the district. You know, because he's a man of the people.

An arrogant, backwards-thinking, xenophobic man of the crazy people standing next to him there.

Also, he looks like he's doing some kind of horrible karaoke in that picture. His audience seems unimpressed.

Katie said...

...Er, you know. The picture in the other post. Up there.

Anonymous said...

If you are looking for the people who donated to Goode's campaign in the last quarter, just research the people with broken arms... I'm sure he sent his thug Watkins out to drum up some $$ to make him look good.

Thanks, Drew, for pointing out that he did not even make the $5,000.

People have not even dished out anything to Perriello, YET. Just wait.

Great blog.