Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Theologian Responds to US Representative Regarding Climate Change

Last week, I offered a YouTube clip and some thoughts on Rep. Shimkus (R-IL) citing Bible verses to refute the notion of climate change during a House committee hearing. Check out both, if you have a second, as they provide background to this post.

Rep. Shimkus at the beginning of the old clip asks for theologians and people of faith to engage in discourse over climate change. Prominent theologian Dr. Phillip Clayton takes up on this call and responds to Rep. Shimkus. As you will see, Clayton is well versed in both science and (process) theology, and he has written many books on the interaction of the two. Clayton in this clip shoots down Shimkus' choice and interpretation of biblical verses, as well as Shimkus' scientific and environmental understanding. Clayton calls for sophisticated discussion on the issue and a long-term view of the environmental crisis, not a view based on proof-texted verses and immediate job cuts.

Good stuff. Interestingly, Dem Bones readers, I am told that Dr. Clayton reads and enjoys this blog.

Happy Earth Day!

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