Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Respected Poli-Sci Professor on Perriello-Goode rematch

Dr. Bob Holsworth, respected Political Science Professor at VCU, speaking at a Republican blogger's forum, responds to a question about having Goode or a new candidate run against Rep. Perriello. He believes that Perriello won under a perfect storm, yet, it will be very difficult to unseat him next cycle; Perriello works very hard for his district and is a constant presence therein. Holsworth thinks that Goode has a big upper hand for the Republican nomination, but overall, the 2nd District provides a better pick-up opportunity for Republicans than the 5th. Note, he admits his friendship to Goode and his wife, Lucy, up front, but he is very complimentary of Perriello's dedication and work ethic.

The first 3:30 pertain to a Perriello-Goode rematch, and the rest of the video deals with House of Delegate races (uphill climb to regain the majority) and their independence to the gubernatorial race.

(h/t Aznew)


CWPNRG? said...

He's right in that Goode totally has the upper hand if he decides to run. However, did you see the front page of the Bulletin today? Had Goode out there at the Martinsville Tea Party looking like a wild-eyed maniac. Which he is. The other candidates, and that's Mr. Rees and my guy and anyone else, should just circulate that photo. It's not going to be a walk in the park to the nomination. My guy was at the Tea Party with me; he looked at me afterward and said, "We'll absolutely kill him if we get a fair shot."

Drew said...

I was writing my post on the Martinsville Tea Party when you commented here, so our comments are pretty similar.