Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Quote of the Day

Aznew on the Birkat Hachama, the blessing of the sun:
But, really, the point is that it is a good thing, every 28 years or so, to take a few moments and ponder not only why we are here, or how we got here, or the hundreds of millions of other variables and unknowns that cling to our existence, or the tens of thousands of seemingly intractable issues and conflicts our presence on this planet produce, but also the indisputable fact that we are here, and how awesome and miraculous our mere and meager existence is, whether you think that is the result of an Act of G-d, an act of science, or both.
Amen. Happy Passover, sisters and brothers.

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Katie said...

Chag sameach to you, Drew. :-)