Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Quote of the Day

Faith in Public Life, emphasis original:
As generational changes threaten to permanently diminish the religious right's hold on political power, they're reinvigorating their alliance with economic conservatives by backing today's "grassroots" Tea Parties against government spending. Yesterday Focus on the Family and the Family Research Council joined up with longstanding Tea Party backers such as Concerned Women for America and the American Family Association to promote these lobbyist-organized demonstrations.

Here's what they don't get -- teaming up with Fox News, corporate lobbyists, and conservative ideologues to gin up outrage about government spending and progressive taxation does not resonate with the generation they need to win over in order to give their movement a new lease on life. Their effort shows the extent to which the religious right's leadership remains entrenched in the conservative political establishment, which is steadily losing influence and popularity. ... The religious right's support for the Tea Parties is a partisan exercise, not a religious one.

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Matt F. said...

I find it amusing that the lesson evangelicals have learned from the last 8 years is that they should be MORE aligned with a political party.