Sunday, April 26, 2009

FY 2010 Appropriations Requests By VA Representatives

In the spirit of transparency and public accountability, here are the earmark requests for FY 2010 appropriations by each of our congressional congressmen (database here). Methodologically speaking, I'm not smart enough to differentiate between types of earmarks (i.e., earmarks that several representatives requested together), so if a congressman listed a request on his site, I added it indiscriminately. Importantly, as I understand it, these are requests, not actual earmarks.

Gerry Connolly (11th) 57 requests (page 1, page 2) totaling $3,045,975,992
Jim Moran (8th) 166 requests totaling $1,556,834,000
Glenn Nye (2nd) 87 requests totaling $814,803,476
Bobby Scott (3rd) 58 requests totaling $439,857,799
Randy Forbes (4th) 55 requests totaling $168,889,934
Tom Perriello (5th) 51 requests totaling $159,660,155
Rob Wittman (1st) 44 requests totaling $102,776,000
Frank Wolf (10th) 4 requests totaling $92,000,000
Rick Boucher (9th) 36 requests totaling $50,343,648
Bob Goodlatte (6th) 3 requests totaling $7,747,000
Eric Cantor (7th) 0 requests totaling $0

p.s. This took forever to put together.


Ro Ro said...

Thank you Rep. Periello for remembering SW VA in the earmarks. I noted several projects that we have been waiting YEARS to have completed.

And thank you Drew for putting it all together for us to access!

Drew said...

You are welcome!

Out of curiosity, and given my relatively recent residency in the Southside, what projects have been requested for earmarks funds that have been waiting?