Thursday, April 2, 2009


My friends at Divinity School called me Serious Drew, and there, I didn't have much of a dating life. Now I know why:
It has long been noted that women love a man who can make them laugh ...

And now scientists believe they know why.

Being funny apparently makes men seem more intelligent, trustworthy - and a better bet for a relationship.

Hahahaha. Doomed.


JCWhite said...

A sense of humor, a dozen roses and a fat wallet works even better than just a sense of humor.


Katie said...

Give yourself some credit, Drew. The Div school ladies were probably just intimidated. Or maybe promised to God; I understand that's sometimes the case.

Also, let's not forget the other golden rule of dating: smart is sexy. Humor is good, but brains is better.

Mary from Martinsville said...

Those women did not spend a lot of time on the campaign trail with you, it would seem. Sometimes you carried us through some pretty rough spots with your humor and your quick wit.

One day your going to chase a woman until she catches you. Don't take too long.

DarrenStaley said...

Smart and funny has worked well for me. But let's be honest, women are a total frickin mystery when it comes to relationships.

Sometimes my wife likes funny, sometimes sensitive, sometimes smart, sometimes manly, sometimes a mix of all four, sometimes just for me to shut up and be invisible.

From reading Katie and Mary's comments I feel that Drew has a "perennial friend" issue.

That issue dooms your dating life because it makes you a spouse-seeker rather than a date-seeker.

Drew said...

This post has quickly become a dating service for me. :-) Hahahaha.

cvllelaw said...

A man rubbed a lamp, and poof! A genie appeared.

"I am the genie of the lamp. Ask me one favor -- anything at all -- and I will give it to you."

"OK, genie, build a bridge to Hawaii. I've always wanted to go there, but I don't like flying."

The genie responded, "Oh, c'mon. Do you have any idea how far it is to Hawaii? And how deep the ocean is around Hawaii? I can't go that deep in the ocean to sink the pilings. And the typhoons, and the waves..."

"OK, genie, you're right. Instead, I want to understand women. Why is everything I do around women the wrong thing? How can I make a woman happy? What do they mean when you ask them what's wrong, and they respond, 'Nothing!'?"

And the genie responded, "How wide do you want that bridge?"