Sunday, April 12, 2009

Virgil Goode on the Issues (updated)

This coming Thursday at Liberty University - notably, an out of district location - Virgil Goode is going to speak to students on "the dangers of Radical Islam and it's attack on our Country." And please, Liberty students, he is no longer our Congressman. He lost one of those election thingeys.

Our economy - locally, nationally, and globally - is in tatters. Southside unemployment rates are at record highs, many areas in double digits. We need jobs. We are losing our homes. Our health care system is in crisis. To be sure, we shouldn't brush the potential threat of radical extremism under the rug, but Southsiders are hurting right now. Not that you would ever listen to my advice, but please, stay focused. Small props, at least, that he isn't talking anchor babies and the North American Union this time.

But if having a Tea Party in Lynchburg (again out of district), followed by this presentation to likely out-of-district voters, is your subtle announcement of a rematch, then keep on, sir.

Update: Lowell offers lessons both in grammar and reality.

(h/t JohnCos)


CWPNRG? said...

Relevance Fail.

Drew said...

hahaha. I couldn't have said it any better, CWP.

Teri Orlando said...

Drew, Drew, Drew...

Why are you still surprised when Virgil pulls another publicity stunt like this....? LOL

Goode is out to get back into the seat where all he did was schmooze and get money for himself. Come election time, he would just go out and shout, "Abortions!....Nancy Pelosi...anchor babies...illegal aliens....etc."

In my opinion, Goode calls himself a 'Christian' yet hates anyone that is not Christian and white. He does not have compassion (unless there is a payoff in the future) mocks people like Congressman Perriello when he goes into the community and volunteers, and requires his employees to do the same.

Goode calls himself a 'pro-lifer yet supports a needless war that kills innocent human beings. Or is pro-life only for a fetus?!!

It does not surprise me that he is speaking at a 'Christian' University speaking of hate and racism.

Question....Does Goode have any idea where Jesus was born and raised? Goode is so out of touch that it would not surprise me if he thought Jesus was a white man from the south.... LOL

It is a speech like this (of Goode's) that give people like me more ammo to share with his 5th District when he tries and run again.

I will, again, go out of my way to make sure that an intelligent, hard working, honest, compassionate, giving man like Congressman Tom Perriello stays in office and we can once again get back on our feet.

Tom's focus has always been to get the 5th District booming again, and helping us get jobs. Goode's focus has always been on a border fence that they are cutting through, and distracting us from the truth about what is really going on in our 5th district. He is the postor child for 'smoke and mirrors.'

If he really cared about the 5th District, he would be calling Tom asking how he could help and bring us all together. Instead Goode is busy tearing us apart and creating fear.

It won't work.

In the meantime, I'm just sitting back and taking notes...waiting for Goode to run again. If he thinks he can get Tom out, all I have to say is...

Bring it...

Shame on you Goode