Monday, April 20, 2009

Virgil Goode: The Creeping Influence of Islam in America (updated)

Last week, Virgil Goode, the day after the Tea Parties (1, 2), was to speak to Liberty students about the on "the dangers of Radical Islam and it's attack on our Country." The event, unfortunately, was canceled due to lack of interest.

The Young Americans for Freedom of George Mason University, however, have invited Goode to speak to them next Monday night (4/27, 7:30). Money quote, emphasis original:
His address on "The Creeping Influence of Islam in America" should prove very interesting. There is likely to be some opposition to his presence and topic. Your attendance and support can make a difference.
According to the Mason YAF's events page, other "notable and special guests" will also be in attendance. Interesting how they assume that his mere presence and choice of topics will incite "opposition."

Providing faulty information coupled with way-out-of-district engagements (Northern Virginia isn't exactly in Central and Southside Virginia), in my opinion, is not exactly a stellar way to position yourself for a possible election rematch. In due fairness, maybe I shouldn't be looking at these engagements through the lens of a future election. But, whatever your motivations, sir, keep on, keepin' on.

Update: In a similar fashion, Goode is going to be delivering a speech to UNC students on immigration entitled "Hate Speech, Free Speech and the Multiculturalism." The campus chapter of Youth for Western Civilization is hosting the speech. (h/t JohnCos)


Katie said...

Well, here's hoping that if Virgil is running for anything, it's the Constitution Party presidential nom. I think he'd fit in well with the other crackpots.

That said, if he is planning to challenge Rep. Perriello in 2010, spending time on these events is only going to hurt him when it counts.

That this kind of publicity, that seems to consist almost entirely of events designed to rile up support in a violent or vitriolic way (and I am including the Tea Party business in this), is only serving to make him seem more out of touch to those who might be on the fence. He's got his base, and he knows how to work it, but when it comes to the run-to-the-middle that happens in a general election, it'll only work against him.

However, I am admittedly biased on this subject. Perriello is way cuter than Goode.

Linda said...

I had to laugh, Drew. That type of information - rather, opinion - is what differentiates a "newspaper" from what used to be termed, "yellow journalism" or sensationalism.

While I don't consider this blog a "newspaper," it still has a readership and a responsibility to those readers. Predicting rabble-rousing is irresponsible. It's more of a call to arms, rather than an unbiased report.

Frankly, with that type of promotion, I doubt I'd go - I don't need that type of excitement in my life. Thank goodness the meeting is out of the fifth district, otherwise I might feel obliged to carry something on it. However, Goode does not send press releases to my newspaper, so that's the end of that story anyway.

Anonymous said...

Drew - thank you for your post. The event was actually not canceled due to a lack of interest at Liberty University, however. It was merely a logistical issue with having it there.